Bitcoin Twitter: The Top 7 People You have to Follow Right Now

Bitcoin Twitter can be an excellent way to learn more about Bitcoin and find out what some of the smartest financial minds are saying about crypto.

The following list presents 7 Bitcoin investors and advocates who put out awesome content on a regular basis and are definitely worth a follow.

1) Bob Loukas

Twitter Profile and YouTube Channel

Bitcoin Twitter: The Top 7 People You have to Follow Right Now

It’s generally accepted that over a long enough time frame, 95% of people who attempt day trading will fail. Trading is a surprisingly difficult skill that can take years to learn, those years being filled with many painful lessons.

Thankfully, you don’t have to be a trader to build wealth with crypto. Because the gains can be so large, it’s possible to make a very admirable profit from the buy and hold approach. Or, as it’s known in crypto, hodl.

This is where Bob Loukas comes in. Bob quantifies the Bitcoin price by breaking it down into four-year cycles. His monthly videos talk about where Bitcoin is in the four-year cycle and where he thinks it’s headed.

Bob’s advice is invaluable. As an investor with 20+ years of experience, Bob can help less experienced investors to identify the best times to buy and sell Bitcoin.

Bob has gained a huge following in the crypto community and his videos are a must-watch for anyone interested in BTC.

2) Preston Pysh

Twitter Profile

Macro investor and co-host of the TIP (The Investor’s Podcast), Preston is an articulate, thoughtful and interesting investor. He’s also incredibly bullish on Bitcoin. Preston has said that he believes Bitcoin could reach as high as $300,000 in this cycle and that eventually Bitcoin could end up as the world’s reserve currency.

What makes Preston a must follow is that although he’s a big fan of Bitcoin, he has a framework for when to buy and when to sell. Here are two examples.

  1. When asked, “what would make you uncertain about Bitcoin’s future?” Preston has stated that if he saw the hash rate continually falling, he might begin to question his investment in Bitcoin.
  2. Preston has also stated that if Bitcoin becomes overvalued (by his metrics), or if he believes the future gains in Bitcoin will be insubstantial, he will sell his holdings and invest in other assets.  

In summary, Preston is worth following because he’s optimistic about Bitcoin’s future, but also aware of what could go wrong. Preston frequently shares his views with his followers and is definitely worth checking out.

3) Jeff Booth

Twitter Profile

Author of The Price of Tomorrow, Jeff Booth has a simple, albeit powerful, message. Technology is forcing an ever more deflationary future. Trying to combat that deflation, by printing more money to get inflation, is going to end in disaster.

Instead, a better approach would be for governments to adopt Bitcoin, which is itself a deflationary currency (Bitcoin is deflationary because its supply schedule is cut in half every four years).

In addition to being an author, Jeff Booth is also a serial entrepreneur, startup advisor and all around humble and intelligent human being. Jeff’s podcast with Preston Psych is a must listen, as is Jeff’s interview on Real Vision. Just these two pieces of content could reshape how you think about Bitcoin and the financial ecosystem that it resides in.

4) Raoul Pal

Twitter Profile

Macro investor and co-founder of Real Vision, Raoul Pal really needs no introduction. Although he’s been a well-known Bitcoiner for the last year or two, Raoul really grabbed the spotlight in Q3 of 2020 when he announced his “irresponsibly long” Bitcoin position.

Raoul has put 98% of his net worth into crypto, 80% into BTC and 20% into ETH. It’s a hell of a bet for someone in his position to take. Raoul is a multi-millionaire and one might expect him to take the approach of wealth preservation versus risking it all. However, Raoul really believes in crypto and is in a position to take that bet.

For anyone who is thinking about taking a similar bet, Raoul has some great advice which he shares in this podcast with Dr. Dark. In their discussion they coin the term “entrepreneurial investing” and discuss how this approach differs from traditional investing.

Raoul is a prolific content producer, both as interviewer and interviewee, and there’s an awful lot to learn from following him.

5) Dr. Chris Dark

Twitter Profile

Dr. Chris Dark hosts the Dr. Dark After Dark podcast which focuses on macroeconomics and crypto. Dr. Dark is a fan of Bitcoin and has invested some portion of his net worth into it.

The real reason to follow Chris Dark isn’t necessarily for his views on Bitcoin though. Chris excels at breaking down complex macroeconomic concepts into bite-sized chunks that amateur investors can digest.

Bitcoin does not exist in a bubble; it’s just one part of a larger financial system. Chris is a great teacher to help you learn that system, and being based in Hong Kong he often has some interesting takes on current events that you might not hear from the typical European or American commentator.

6) Ryan Selkis

Twitter Profile

Ryan Selkis is the founder of Messari, a platform aiming to become the Bloomberg terminal for crypto. What’s unique about Messari is that the company focuses on sorting out real data from the hype. For instance, Messari shows the real trading volume for various cryptocurrencies, versus the reported volume on websites like CoinMarketCap.

Messari also works with individual cryptocurrency projects to increase transparency so that investors can get more information about what they’re putting their money into.

As the founder of Messari, Ryan Selkis is quite active on Twitter. He also releases a state of the industry report each year, and the 2020 report is more than 100 pages long!

The number one reason to follow Ryan is that he’s not someone to get sucked in by the hype. During times of market euphoria and jubilation, Ryan can be a reasonable voice, pointing out the madness of markets and urging caution.

For example, in 2018 and 2019, many people realized that the ICO craze was largely a sham. This has become obvious in hindsight, but Ryan was calling out the ICO mania while it was happening… He’s a valuable person to follow, especially as the bull market gets even wilder.

7) Lyn Alden

Twitter Profile

Similar to Chris Dark, a lot of Lyn Alden’s focus is on macroeconomics. One area that Lyn covers particularly well is monetary policy and the inner workings of the Federal Reserve.

The dynamics of money printing and how it affects inflation are important to understand. This is the case because Bitcoin’s role as digital gold is one of the key narratives that’s supporting this new bull market.

Lyn writes unbelievably long articles that can take hours to read. However, word for word there’s nobody better at explaining monetary policy. Lyn also writes about Bitcoin and her cryptocurrency articles tend to be shorter and easier to digest.

In terms of crypto, Lyn believes in Bitcoin and has stated that she believes investors should consider having some in their portfolio. On Twitter Lyn shares some crypto content, but a bulk of what she shares is related to macroeconomics and the state of the economy.

The more that Bitcoin infiltrates the traditional financial system, the more important it is to understand what’s going on in the economy. That’s why what Lyn shares on Twitter, and in her numerous podcast appearances, is so valuable.

Bitcoin Twitter: The Top 7 People You have to Follow Right Now

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